A favorite destination for travelers across the globe, Colombia has something for everyone. You’ll find pristine beaches, the Andes Mountains, and the world famous Amazon rain forest. This country’s culture and rich history make it a contender for any traveler’s bucket list.

The Aburra Valley
Home to rolling hills and near-perfect temperatures, the Aburra Valley is most well known as being the location of Medellin, the city made famous by Pablo Escobar. The city is also vibrant and colorful, as hundreds of species of flower naturally grow there.

Providencia Archipelago
The Providencia Archipelago are technically Colombian territory, even though they’re slightly closer to Nicaragua—however, these islands are a tropical paradise that are awash with vibrant jungles, diverse marine life, and an authentic Columbian experience.

San Andres
San Andres is the name of another series of islands which area near Providencia. Equally as stunning, expect to see beaches that stretch for miles, lined by palm trees. Snorkelers and divers will love these islands.

Fishing at the End of the World – Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia

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Mountain Climbing the Colombian Andes in Los Nevados National Natural Park

Mountain Climbing the Colombian Andes in Los Nevados National Natural Park Imagine breathing in the brisk mountain air of Colombia’s Central Andes from the peak of one of its highest active volcanoes the Nevado del Tolima . Around you in every direction lies the...