We welcome guest poster Daniel Calvin. Daniel is a keen angler and bass fishing enthusiast, he enjoys spending time outdoors and writing fishing articles for Dynamade

While the obvious goal of fishing is to catch a fish, there is more to fishing than hooking a belligerent Bream.

There is a whole lifestyle and culture that surrounds and permeates fishing, it gives the character we all instinctively associate with goin’ fishin.

It’s a hobby that indirectly has many benefits to your mental well-being, we will go through a few of the reasons why fishing is so great for your mental health and an excellent antidote to a busy and stressful life:

Spend More Time Outdoors

In the digital age people are confining themselves more and more to the confines of their homes, losing an important connection with nature that we, as human beings, have evolved with.

Fishing gives you an excuse (the best excuse!) to get out of the house, immerse yourself in the outdoors and enjoy the sport of fishing. There’s a kind of joy that’s released when we get back into a natural rhythm with nature, helping to gain some much needed perspective on the world and the way we live our lives.

Increases Vitamin D Levels

The additional sunlight you soak in during a fishtrip is an added bonus. Vitamin D is essential in assisting the body in calcium absorption as well as improving muscle function and the immune system.

Vitamin deficiencies carry a lot of side effects and are common throughout the world’s populations, causing many negative symptoms such as: nausea, depression, anxiety, bone loss, hair loss and more.

Helps Strengthen Relationships

Fishing trips help people bond, rekindle and enrich relationships. It’s a chance for friends and family to take off on a trip together, catch up on old times, share stories and precious moments together.

The activity of fishing gives the event a centerpiece in which gives a direction to the trip, there is a common interest shared between those you care about and it helps in bringing you closer together.

When you are fishing, you have a lot of time; sitting, waiting for a bite. This environment is ideal for sparking meaningful conversations, which may not have arisen in an environment of constant distractions.

Chance to Travel to New Places and Go Camping

Fishing spots are often out of the way, in far off shores, rivers, lakes and estuaries… so it’s common for a fishing trip to double up as a camping trip. Traveling to new places expands the mind. The experience of new sights, sounds, smells and cultures deeply enriches our experience and leaves lasting memories.

When you are fishing in remote places, the best way to immerse yourself into the fishing experience is by pitching a tent and camping. Sitting around the camp fire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories is an experience lost on many (and what a shame!).

Fishing Improves Focus

Fishing, in a sense, is like a meditation. In preparation you need to tie tiny knots in the line, carefully weaving through miniscule line hoops, untangling fishing lines and a lot of other tasks which require a focused mind. Stilling the mind like this over and over again helps to improve your base level of focus, helping greatly in life.

After the line has been casted, the task is simple and without distraction; to watch the line for movement, so you know when you have a bite. This quiet focus stables the mind and helps bring peace and tranquility.

Fishing for beginners is an endeavour which requires a lot of patience and focus, it’s a great discipline to have in life and builds strong character.

Hobbies Are Great For the Mind

Hobbies help keep the mind active and engaged. When we have a hobby, maintaining and developing that interest helps to keep us mentally balanced.

Life can also be very stressful and a hobby gives us something to think about and look forward to. An active mind is a healthy mind, fishing as a hobby brings a lot of joy and enrichment into life, promoting a healthy outdoors lifestyle, which keeps us out in the sun, with friends and a lot of time to develop the art of fishing.

When we are fishing there are a lot of elements involved, we need to choose the best fishing bait to use, according to the conditions and species of fish you are trying to catch. There is also a lot of skill involved in rigging up line, ensuring the set up is just right. There are also many fishing techniques which need to be developed.