Hidden Treehouse Lodge Deep in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest has lured adventurers and wanderers deep into its thick jungles for hundreds of years. Many were in search of the great secrets that this part of the world was said to hold. Whether it was cities of gold, prehistoric creatures, or lost civilizations there was no denying that if there were any mysteries still to be found on Earth than the Amazon is where they would be found.

Today that is more true than ever. Many parts of the Amazon are still very remote and some of the major cities are only accessible by airplane. Recently, indigenous communities have been found that have never been in contact with the outside world. Let that sink in for a moment.

Many of us aren’t going to be part of a scientific expedition deep into the jungle, but the mysterious depths of the Amazon can still be explored by some of us, thanks to places like the Treehouse Lodge in Peru. Click HERE to see available bookings.


The Treehouse Lodge

Let us start off first by saying that this lodge is NOT some city hotel that borders the Amazon. Its unique location, smack in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a part of the world that most people will never experience. It’s so remote that it is only accessible by a boat ride through the Amazon River and tributaries.

This all-inclusive accommodation is truly a unique experience. It is the only tree house lodge in all of the Amazon. The bungalows, that were built from local materials, sit high in the treetop canopy in a world that only the birds and tree top critters have ever known. At night, drift off to sleep while the crickets chirp and the nighttime mammals call out from the treetops for miles around. Wake up with the jungle as the sun crests across the tree-top canopy and the colorful sights and sounds come to life.

You will truly be able to getaway from the outside world. But don’t worry. Although you will be staying miles from civilization, the lodge and bungalows have all the modern conveniences and its exceptional staff will do everything to ensure you a comfortable and luxurious stay.

All-inclusive means all inclusive. People come to this lodge not just for a place to stay, but for the adventure that comes with it. All meals are included and cooked by their world class chef using local Peruvian ingredients. All your transport is taken care of starting from the airport pick-up. Upon arrival in the Amazon, small groups or individuals will be assigned an experienced and bi-lingual guide that will help you get acquainted with the lodge and the unique excursions available.



The lodge is surrounded by 350 acres of protected rainforest in the most bio-diverse region of the Amazon. It sits at the junction of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers and near to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

Many unique species of wildlife reside here. Birdwatchers will have a chance to view colorful macaws flying through the trees, flocks of parakeets, Hoatzins, Harpy Eagles, Horned Screamers, Toucans, and many more diverse species. 5 types of monkeys can usually be spotted at night if you follow their eerie howls and screams. Packs of squirrel monkeys are known to use the bungalow bridges to migrate through the trees.

One of the most sought after wildlife is the Pink River Dolphins who reside in the river junctions near to the lodge. Other aquatic species that once made their home in the ocean, but now have evolved to live in the freshwater of the Amazon rivers, include manatees, dolphins, stingrays and crabs.


How to Get There

The journey to the lodge will begin at the remote Amazon city of Iquitos, which is only accessible by boat or airplane. From this city, you will be met at the airport by the lodge staff and transported first by car and then by boat. The 2 ½ hour boat journey will lead you deep into the Amazon, up  the Marañón River, across the Amazon River, and continuing up the Ucayali River until you reach the Yarapa River which will take to the shores of the lodge.


Eco Friendly

When traveling to these amazing destinations around South America, we often times forget the impact we leave on the environment. The Treehouse Lodge realizes that lessening our impact on the Amazon’s ecosystem will help protect our Earth and the fragile nature we coexist with. Solar panels were built on the property that use renewable energy to cover the electrical needs of the lodge. The panels collect energy in batteries during the day that are then used at night.

They are always striving to make the lodge greener and reach their goal of becoming 100% self sustainable. The water is pulled from the river and purified on the premises or brought in for cooking and drinking. The electricity comes from the sun. And waste is stored in eco-friendly septic systems.

Top Excursions

piranha-fishingPiranha Fishing

You’ve seen the horror flicks and the myths about the piranha. Now is your chance to catch this legendary fish in its natural river climate. Your private guide will show you the best spots and techniques for fishing in the nearby rivers.





Dolphin Watching

Dolphins in the Amazon? Yes you heard that right. Many species of aquatic life that once lived in the oceans have adapted to the freshwater habitats of the Amazon. The pink and grey river dolphins are sacred to the local indigenous cultures. They are the subjects of many legends including one where they were known to kidnap local women and bring them into their underwater world beneath the Amazon River.

Your guides will take you on a 45 minute boat journey to the nearby habitats where the dolphins reside. The more daring guests may choose to take a swim alongside these majestic creatures.

villageJibaro Community Visit

This unique community fled their native land many years ago, due to tribal conflicts, and settled on the Tahuayo river, a small blackwater tributary. Their seclusion deep in the jungle has allowed them to maintain their unique language and traditions.

From the lodge, you will take a 30 minute boat ride down the Yarapa River to the Jaldar community. From there you will hike for 40 minutes into the jungle to the Jerusalem Jibaro community on the Tahuayo River. During this eye opening experience you will learn about the community’s fishing and hunting techniques using blow-darts and arrows. Watch how they make their dugout canoes that they use to traverse the waterways. Even deep in the jungle you can find a local  beer called  masato which is made from the manioc. Before leaving you will join the chief for lunch, where you can thank him and the community for their hospitality.

Other Available Excursions

Amazon Kayaking

Puerto Miguel, a Kukama Community

Jungle Walk and Learn About Medicinal Plants

Dugout Canoe Trip

Oxbow Lagoon Jungle Walk

Night Monkey Observation

Night Excursion by Boat

Insect Night Walk

Early Morning Bird Watching

Butterfly Farm Visit

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