How to Travel Cheap in Chile –

Are you traveling to Chile to chase your outdoor dreams, but worried how you’re going to pay for trip? Did you know it’s possible to put your skills to use to help pay for things like accommodation, food etc?

A brand new project called Lluqi can connect you with hosts in Chile that in exchange for your skills and work, will provide you with free accommodation.

Here’s How to Apply
Go to Click on the ‘Apply’ button. Next you will choose your destination. Currently, there are 4 destinations to choose from, all of which are great bases to explore nearby outdoor activities. Next, you will answer 9 specific questions to get you on your way towards creating your profile and finding accommodation in exchange for your work. Remember to upload a video presentation for potential hosts to know more about you. Once you apply, chat with your host to agree upon the terms and conditions of your work and confirm your stay. Now you are ready to jump to your next destination with the assurance that your accommodation costs will be covered in exchange for your work. It is really that simple!


AntofagastaAntofagasta- This port city in the North of Chile is where the desert meets the sea. There is plenty of outdoor activities for extreme sports lovers like surfing, sand boarding and more in the desert or ocean.





Valparaiso- Resting on the Pacific shores, this historic city offers an array of nearby outdoor activities like horseback riding, diving, sailing, and more. The city’s beautiful landscape is surrounded by descending hills that lead to the seaside beaches.




Santiago – This Capitol city of Chile is surrounded by the towering Andes Mountains. Outdoor junkies can find just about any activity nearby including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, etc. For a nice relaxing day you can tour the nearby wineries where some of the best wines in the world are made.




Punta Arenas – Located in the southernmost part of Chile’s Patagonian region, this is the perfect base to explore the famous Patagonia wilderness, which surrounds the city. For water sports lovers, visit the seaside at the end of the world.