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While artificial bait certainly has its place in an anglers tackle box and in certain instances may be the better choice of the two, there really is nothing quite like the experience of fishing with live bait. It’s an experience that can’t be replicated with artificial and is a great way to catch a lot of fish.

There are many reasons to opt in for fishing with live bait over lures. Fishing with live bait is generally easier than fishing with artificial lures, you don’t need to obsess about presenting it in a certain way, the scent of live bait and the fact that it is actually the real thing mean you don’t need to pretend it’s anything other than what it is.

Fishing with live bait gives you the unique ability to tap into the rhythm of mother nature and give fish what they are looking for…. Live bait!

Keeping Live Bait Alive
While fishing with live bait is often the best option and will usually result in a bigger catch, there is more maintenance involved in keeping the bait fresh.

One important factor of fishing with live bait is that you need to keep it alive, doing so is crucial for a successful catch. There are a few things which will play a part in determining the lifespan of your live bait.

The best way to keep worms, such as rag worms or blood worms alive is by keeping them stored in a wooden box. You will need a rubber tub which should be filled with potting soil or worm bedding. The soil in the box should be moist but not wet. It’s best to keep the box in a cool and shady place.

Worms can live well off a diet of worm food and eggshells. They only require a small amount, so don’t feed them too much, once they have visibly eaten all their food you can feed them more, but be careful not to overfeed your worms.

The most important step in keeping Crawfish alive is by keeping them in clean water, tap water just won’t suffice and will not keep them healthy. Ideally, water from a pond or creek should be used, if this isn’t available, distilled water can also be used.

Crawfish can be fed pretty much any kind of veggies and meat and aren’t too fussy with what they will eat.

Minnows are easy to keep alive, keeping minnows alive is essentially the same as keeping a goldfish, they just need clean water, food and oxygen. If your intent is to keep minnows long term, then you should consider purchasing a complete tank setup including a quality tank, filter, aerator and an underwater shelter they can rest in, such as coral or a decorative sunken ship.

Minnows are happiest when they have a lot of hiding places to choose from, so keeping gravel and rocks at the bottom of the tank will provide them with a suitable terrain.

Do not overfeed your Minnows, they should be fed a small amount of fish flakes twice a day.

Generally when temperature is affecting your live bait negatively, it is usually due to overheating and not the other way around. While different fish species are more comfortable and survive better in different temperatures, generally you do want to try and keep them cool… this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Your live bait will die if they do not get enough air, there are no exceptions to this. Your live bait can also succumb to early deaths as a result of extremely stressful environments, so you need to make sure your live bait has enough space and air to breathe. Look after your live bait properly.. If you do, you will be rewarded.