Stand Up Paddle Board Through the Amazon – Ecuador

We are going are going to try some mediation. Ready? Breathe in deep, hold it, now exhale. Now repeat. Imagine your somewhere warm. The sun is shining. There is a thick jungle. As you float down into the forest canopy you hear howler monkeys wailing and colorful birds fly all around you. As you float down into the thick undergrowth you see a large river. Its brown and muddy water twinkles in the sunlight. Suddenly you begin floating over the water as if levitating. You relax as you float along the river. Indigenous villagers wave to you as you pass by. River creatures lurk below as you float above them. You are truly enjoying the serenity of this unique experience. Now wake up!

Where are you? Do you want to be there or back in your dream? What if I told you your meditation dream could be a reality?

The location is the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador and the mode of transportation is a Stand Up Paddle Board.


Come join Rumiyaku Adventure Tours on a unique adventure deep into the Amazon Jungle floating over the water as you journey deeper into this magical world.

Cuyabeno Faunistic Reserve is a water system of  lagoons, lakes, and rivers located in Ecuador’s Amazon. It holds the title of having the largest concentration of wildlife in the world. As you embark along your journey, on a stand up paddle board,  you will be sharing this natural paradise with an array of wildlife including tropical birds, monkeys, reptiles, pink river dolphins, and the rare Amazonian manatee


Some of the trip highlights along your journey will include-

  • SUP through the Amazon Jungle surrounded by the highest concentration of life in the world.
  • Swim and relax from SOL Boards and  top quality equipment.
  • Trek through the towering forests full of  thousands of species of plants and flora.
  • Witness the nighttime life of the jungle on evening treks.
  • Enjoy the comfort, fresh cuisine and personal service of a local eco-lodge.
  • Learn from local naturalist guides about this diverse ecosystem
  • Visit a Siona indigenous community and witness their millenary culture and beliefs.

For a detailed itinerary and more information please click here. 

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