Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil’s Amazon Basin

Deep in the Amazon basin of Brazil lays a hidden world of natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Freshwater rivers snake through this jungle landscape and are home to the strange aquatic world below the surface.

Many of these secluded waterways are untouched and unfished, offering anglers a chance to be the first to throw their flies and lures into these waters and discover the trophy fish that lurk below.

For those looking for a world class fishing destination and a true outdoor adventure in South America, we recommend joining the experienced outfitter Rod & Gun Resources on fishing expedition for the largest Peacock Bass in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.


The Peacock Bass

Part of the Cichlidae genus, these large tropical fish can be found in abundance throughout the Amazon Basin.

This  species is notorious for breaking lines and bending hooks. Be warned that when you lay your hook into this bass like fish, you will experience one of the toughest fighting fish you’ve ever encountered. Explosive strikes and airborne maneuvers are to be expected.  They prefer to take shelter under fallen logs, and other underwater structures, so listen to your guide’s recommendation for where to cast to increase your chances of a catch.


Fishing with Rod & Gun Resources

With over 25 years of experience organizing adventures and guiding sportsmen into some of the worlds leading outdoor hunting and fishing destinations, you can be assured that you will be brought to the best fishing locations that the Amazon basin has to offer. Rod & Gun Resources were literally the pioneers of peacock bass fishing in Brazil making them the most knowledgeable and experienced outfitter. Their use of Indian Reserves means that you will fish in some of the most remote and exclusive rivers in the region, without competition from other outfitters.

Their Brazilian guides are experienced anglers that will use their learned techniques to ensure your success.


Tunnel Boats

These newly designed tunnel boats are opening access to the previously unfished waters of the upper Xeriuni, Itapara and Jufari Rivers. These shallow-water fishing boats skim across the surface by creating  a mound of water just behind the boat allowing the outboard motor and propeller to be raised into the mound and skim across mere inches of water. Through the use of these tunnel boats, these now accessible waters are expected to provide a large abundance of fish including many trophies.


Catch and Release

To keep the peacock bass species thriving, Rod & Gun Resources practices catch and release. Rubberized mesh landing nets ensure that the fish will not be harmed. Anglers can expect to catch between 20 – 25 fish on a normal day.

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