Bat Outta Hell Mountain Bike Ride – Bolivia

Author: Janilee Porter

Bolivia is Mountain Bike country.  Road or Racing Bike tires will expire in a contest with the thorns and spikes that propagate the roads and pathways here.

Sucre is the historical capitol of Bolivia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering plenty in terms of fascinating culture, beauty, and shopping.  One of the most popular attractions is Sucre’s “Jurassic Park” (Parque Cretacico), where a series of dinosaur footprints scale a 180 meter limestone wall.  From the roof terrace of the Park, the Andean view is spectacular and the mind wanders along an inviting road seen winding into distant valleys. For  more information you can contact the park directly at – (04) 64 57392

You want to bicycle that road; leisurely, absorbing the changing landscape, brilliant geology and rock formations, imagining dinosaurs, stopping for photos – that is if you can avoid the adrenaline rush of zooming down the open road taking blind corners at speed, like a Bat Outta Hell. For an alert experienced rider, this road is beyond fun – it’s a curvy 35 km grin.

Your course begins on the edge of the city with an easy descent past the Parque and colorful  rock caverns and outcrops as you round a small valley before rising three switchbacks back up to the elevation of the city.  Now you are well warmed up and ready to fly!

This is not a ride for beginners despite the well maintained paved road.  More than the sparse vehicular traffic, riders must be alert riding at speed to react to livestock such as donkeys, ‘toros’, and untended herds of goats wandering along the road.  There are few flying bugs in this area so you will not need a visor and it is unlikely you will be caught off guard by sudden weather changes because of the expansive views from Sucre.  If you leave in good weather you are likely to arrive in the same because the ride only takes half a day.  However the climate will change from the cooler dry climate in Sucre as you peel through the rapid 800 meter descent through 43 curves and 15 hairpin turns to arrive in your tropical Rio Chico Valley destination.

This green valley, peppered with small scale farms produces much of the fruit and vegetables for the city.  The differences are striking as you shift from the busyness of Sucre’s stoic beauty, and current modern culture, to the inviting lushness of the valley and its friendly curious people.

As you meet the Rio Chico, its warm waters offer refreshing respite from the thrill of the ride and there are several places to eat and rest in the valley’s villages.  One kilometer off the paved road, the Oasis Boliviano guesthouse is located on the far river bank of the Chico in the village of Teja Huasi (   Hospitality at Oasis includes arranging bike rental, local biking, hikes, and cultural tours, “Learn from the Locals” traditional campesino experiences, language classes (English, Spanish, Quechua), and healthy hearty food grown and prepared in a serene environment.

Having whet your appetite for Bolivian adventure, from Oasis Boliviano you can arrange to continue your ride, explore the valley locally, plan further explorations in the Sucre area, or travel on to Cochabamba or Santa Cruz.

Beyond Teja Huasi and La Palma, the main road immediately becomes more challenging; climbing and twisting through the mountains alongside the Rio Chico to the far edge of Chuquisaca.  One of the many Bolivian adventures waiting for you!

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