Hunting the Argentina Wilderness – Hunter Unlimited

Argentina is the biggest hunting destination in South America. It’s variety of wildlife provides big game and small game opportunities alike.

Through Hunter Unlimited you can book hunting excursions for Red Stag, Wild Boar, Wild Pig, Black Buck Antelope, Water Buffalo and small game/bird hunting. Local guides that grew up hunting in the wild landscapes of Argentina will bring you through some of the most remote areas in search of game.

There is no fenced in game here and all your hunts will be 100% wild.

red-stag-huntingRed Stag
Patagonia is known for its stunning landscapes and secluded nature. Deep inside its northern mountains hides the Red Stag also known as the Red Deer.
Hunting the Red Stag is not an easy task. Their habits and instincts are similar to that of elk. With Hunter Unlimited you will trek and horseback through the rugged mountains in search of your trophy with an expert local guide. Leave the lodge and camp for five days as you adjust to the natural surroundings of the Red Stag.


black-buck-huntingBlack Buck Antelope
These mid sized antelope are an exciting animal to hunt. Done in open fields this species has terrific eyesight which makes hunting them a whole different experience than your traditional forested hunt. Males
are born brown with horns, but with age develop into a deep black color with high corkscrew horns.



wild-boar-huntingWild Boar
Coarse haired with short tusks, the wild boar is a fast and agile animal. They travel in packs around 15. To hunt these animals you may have to be a quick shot, because when they are started they will run at high speeds and may even charge. They can weigh up to 700 pounds!




water-buffalo-huntingWater Buffalo
Taking the spot as the largest mammal in Argentina, the water buffalo can be found grazing in and near swamps. Venture into the wild in search of the this huge trophy. You must have thick skin, because shots are usually taken at close range.




P1030366Small Game/Dove Hunting
This is a fast paced and exciting hunting experience. Argentina is famous for the quality of its dove hunts which run year round.





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