How to Prepare a Bug Out Bag – 5 Items You Need for a Successful Camping Trip

The term bug out bag was created by preppers and survivalists who are always ready for the next disaster. Some may believe survivalists are radicals with different ideals than their own, but they do know exactly how to survive in the wild. Whether man-made or natural, a disaster can destroy everything a person knows and send them heading for the hills. However, when you head for this hills on purpose while camping, you need to know how to prepare a bug out bag and what five items you need for a successful camping trip. Below, you’ll find the five things you must have in your bug out bag when camping. You may have more than this, but you definitely shouldn’t leave home without the minimums. We aren’t even going to count a backpack as an item because it’s so obvious.


You want to add as much water to your backpack as possible. Since stacking the bag with bottled water would make it too heavy to handle and drinking from water sources in the outdoors comes with significant risks to your health, it’s better to carry a few bottles of water, a water bottle, and a lifestraw. A lifestraw can purify water to make it safe for drinking and it can then be stored in the water bottle. Most lifestraws, or water purification straws as they’re often called can be used many times and still provide significant benefits.


Just like water, you have to have food to survive. When packing your bug out backpack, you need to choose lightweight, non-perishable food that is easy to pack, won’t weigh you down, and provides nutritional value. We recommend items like trail mix and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 


Unless you’re on a survivalist reality show, you are going to need clothing in your bug out bag. Just concentrate on the necessities and make sure to include gloves, a sun hat, head net, and anything else that will keep you comfortable and safe. It’s a good idea to have light colored clothing such as white t-shirts and other easy to see colors. Bright colored clothing will make you easier to see in nighttime hours and will help you stay cooler in hot weather as well.


While camping, you’re going to need a place to rest, sleep, eat, and take breaks. You may plan on building your shelter from items in nature, but you also need to include housing items in your bug out backpack. If you have room in your backpack for a tent – go for it. Otherwise, think about adding a hammock, tarp, and tying and binding items. Shelter items must be able to withstand inclement weather such as high wind and rain. 

First Aid Kit 

When you’re camping, you probably aren’t going to have a nurse or doctor on hand. You probably won’t be within walking distance of a medical facility, and a hospital might be quite a long haul too. However, if you have a first aid kit in your backpack, you can take care of most minor injuries on your own, or at least until you can seek medical attention from a professional. Items you should include in your first aid kit include: 

• Batteries
• Burn cream
• Tourniquets
• Wraps 
• Anti-itch lotion
• Anti-histamines
• Aloe Vera gel or lotion
• Eye wash cups and saline
• Pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen
• Anti-septic 
• Suture kit or butterfly bandages
• Thread and needles 
Firestarter items 

If you take medication daily, you should also include your prescription drugs in your first aid kit. The entire kit should be stored in a dry, watertight box that latches. If possible, choose a box that can float if submerged in water. It’s important to remember if items get wet, they likely will not provide you with much use in case of emergency.

Now you know what five things you must have in your bug out bag to survive while camping. If you aren’t into survivalist style camp outs, you will probably have much more than just this bag. However, you need to have at least this much in the case of emergency. It’s also a good idea to have a bug out backpack made up and stored in your house in case you have to leave during an emergency. If you do store you backpack in your home, it’s important to replace items on a yearly basis to make sure they are fresh in case you need them in the future.

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