Golden Dorado Fly Fishing in La Salta Province, Argentina

The Golden Dorado is a species of fish native to South America that offers anglers and fly-fishermen a truly exhilarating fishing experience. Venture off the beaten path deep into the remote mountain streams and rivers of Argentina’s Salta Province in search of your trophy. Learn from local fishing guides how to fish and find best locations for this unique species that few outsiders have had the chance to catch.

For avid fly fishermen or for those that want to improve their skills, we recommend joining the experienced outfitter Rod & Gun Resources on fly-fishing expedition for the largest Golden Dorado’s of Argentina’s Salta Province.


The Golden Dorado (Salminus Brasiliensis)

This migratory game fish can be found in the freshwater streams and rivers of central and east central South America. It resembles the prehistoric golden trout or salmon and shares traits from both. Adults tend to reach 15 inches and weigh between 15-30 pounds on average. They have a large clamping jaw and sharp teeth that dig into their prey.


Fly Fishing for the Golden Dorado

The Dorado’s large jaw makes for quick and powerful bites. They are a very acrobatic fish that will put on long and exhilarating fights. On a good day, anglers can expect to catch between 10 – 20 fish. Adults that average between 15- 30 pounds, can be caught in the Salta Province as they move upstream during the spawning season. 3-10 pound juveniles can be caught year round. The species is very sensitive to temperature drops and will temporary cease feeding during cold weather, so fishing is best done during the warmer parts of the year April and May or September – November. Fishing is best practiced through river wading, so bringing wading boots and gear is recommended. With Rod & Gun Resources you will have the option, upon arrival at the lodge, to rent top-of-the line fly fishing rods.

Recommended Fly Fishing Gear

  • 6-8 weight fly rod
  • 200 grain floating and sink tip lines (The Golden Dorado can easily chew through 100 lb line)
  • Flies: Deceiver, clouser or muddler patters on 1/0 to 3/0 hooks with combinations of black, blue, brown or red with white under-bodies, tied with deer hair or bunny fur are known to work best

golden dorado fly fishing

The Salta Province

salta-townLocated in the northwest corner of Argentina, the Salta Province is considered to be in the “tropical zone” and temperatures average from mild to warm. The clearwater rivers and streams, that flow through these beautiful mountain landscapes, resemble the traditional trout streams that many fly fisherman are familiar with.

During your stay, you may also choose to discover the culture and history of Argentina. The nearby city of Salta was founded in 1582 as a Spanish colony and many of the original Spanish-style architecture remaining today. The surrounding areas provide a chance to visit the ancient ruins of pre-Colombian indigenous cultures that once resided here. Wine connoisseurs should consider sampling the famous Argentinian wines in the Cafayate region.

For those looking to adventure further, the Tren a las Nubes or Train into the Clouds brings you on one of the highest train journeys in the world. Venture high into the Andes while traveling over stone bridges, rolling hills and mountains, across rivers and up to an elevation of 12,600 feet.


Where To Stay

Located in the tropical region of Salta on the shores of the Rio Seco, San Fernando is a comfortable and rustic fishing lodge that is perfectly located as your base for exploring the nearby waterways.

san fernando lodge salta

Equipment to Bring On Your Trip

  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Shorts
  • Nylon/microfiber pants for wading
  • Wading boots
  • Fishing bag
  • Fishing pack
  • Amber polarized fishing glasses
  • 15-30 lb. range of tippet material
  • Plastic-coated 30 lb. steel tippet material (Tyger Wire)
  • Fishing pliers
  • Hook sharpener
  • Fly vest
  • Flies (See above “Recommended Fly Fishing Gear” for the best style)
  • Sink line for 6-8 weight  rods
  • Float line for 6-8 weight rods
  • 6-9 weight fly rod & reel (optional as they are for rent from outfitter)

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