Fly Fishing in the Patagonia Wilderness

The Patagonia Region is one of the great wilderness destinations of South America. Its vast and uninhabited landscapes are protected from human interference, which allows nature to flourish in all its glory.

Amongst the towering mountains, thick forest, and rolling grasslands runs the pristine streams, lakes and rivers that teem with an array of freshwater fish species. Mostly fed by snow melt and rain, these rushing rivers and lakes are paradise for fly fishermen.

For those interested in journeying deep into the outdoors of Patagonia, in search of the best fly fishing locations, we recommend using Into the Wild – Patagonia as your outfitter.


Types of Fish Species Found in Patagonia –

Located on the southern end of South America, Patagonia shares areas of both Chile and Argentina. It is a very bio diverse region that consists of the southern Andes, deserts, steppes, grasslands and the rugged coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is home to an abundance of wildlife including pumas, deer, whales, 400 species of birds and more.


A variety of sport fishing species reside here in the many lakes and rivers that dot this rugged landscape.

They include-

Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) – This trout species is one of the most sought after fish.  It can be found in the  lakes and upstream rivers during winter spawning and downstream during the summer.

Rainbow Trout – This colorful fish can be found in cold water tributaries throughout Patagonia. Their strong hits and fighting style make them an exciting catch.

Fontinalis Trout (Brook Trout) – Although hard to find in Patagonia, this trout will attack all sorts of flies.

Chinook (King Salmon) – This the largest of the salmon species. They enter the rivers during spawning from the ocean and are best fished for in February and March.

Salar (Atlantic Salmon) – This salmon species lives its first two years in freshwater before moving to the ocean. They return to the rivers for spawning during which they will strike flies. They have been known to hit flies used for other species.

Coho Salmon – This species is smallest of the salmon variety, but are the most acrobatic providing an exciting catch.


Fly Fishing with Into the Wild –

Into the Wild – Patagonia offers an array of adventure expeditions deep into the wilderness of Patagonia. They know the trails and rivers like the back of their own hands. Their expert guides will bring you through the rough landscapes to the best spots for seeking your trophy catch.

The behavior of the different fish species is reliant upon a variety of factors including  time of year, weather, local insects and more. Your personal guide will know what works and when. You will learn the best flies and techniques for having the utmost results in Patagonia.

All their expeditions are tailor-made, which means the trips will be planned and organized according to your plans, needs, and what you want to experience most from the Patagonia wild. During your stay you may want to join one of their trekking expeditions or explore the region by horseback.

Provided Gear –

  • Patagonia waders
  • Redington # 6 Rods and reels
  • Floating and sinking lines
  • A wide selection of local flies

To book a fly fishing adventure deep into the Patagonian wilderness with Into the Wild click HERE or

Email –

Call – +56 9 9679 7067

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