Fishing at the End of the World – Chile

Chile is a country with endless outdoor activities.  Recently, it was elected as the best location in the world for outdoor sports with fishing as one of it top attractions.

More specifically the south of Chile is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations on Earth for fly fishermen seeking a diversity of wild waterways.

We asked the outfitters at Pesca Patagónica for their recommendation of the best fishing locations across Chile. For more information on fishing adventures in Chile contact them here –

Puerto Varas

Located in Chile’s lake district, the rivers and lakes of Puerto Varas are home to an abundance of trout species including fairo, rainbow, brown and a population of perch that is native some of the rivers. The region’s rivers stand out for their crystal clear water and amazing landscapes. During the summer months people travel from around the world to fly fish for trout and salmon mainly in the popular Petrohué y Puelo Rivers.

Chinook Salmon fishing in these rivers is a challenge for many fishermen. This species can weigh up to 25kg (55 lbs) and put up a fight that will make anyone proud to hook one and bring it ashore. 

Yelcho Lake

Further south in the  area of Yelcho Lake,  you can find supreme fly fishing opportunities in the Futaleufu y Palena Rivers and Lake. This tranquil location is far from any cities or towns and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and pristine pine forests. 

Recent years have seen an increase in fishing tourism, due to the construction of a new fishing lodge and infrastructure.  These places have helped the area to development around this ever increasing industry and provide access to once inaccessible locations. 

Tierra de Fuego

When discussing new, remote and wild fishing destinations, the region of Tierra del Fuego is the rising star. This famous archipelago, discovered by Hernando de Magallanes, hides numerous surprises for those who are brave enough to cross the waters of the strait and hike into endless pampas or fertile lowlands.

Rivers in this region, such as the Rio Grande, are known worldwide for their native trout that can weigh between 2kg (4.5 lbs) to 10 kg (22 lbs). 

Fagnano Lake & Azopardo River

Located on the extreme end of the archipelago and near to the Tierra del Fuego road, is the Fagnano Lake. This region has a real wild feeling with its surrounding lush mountain scenery. Connected to the Lake, the 11 km (7 miles) long Azopardo River offers a chance to fish an abundant species of trout and salmon in a  truly serene environment. 

Pesca Patagónica

With all these world class fishing destinations and beautiful landscapes in one place came the idea to create Pesca Patagónica . This fishing outfitter is opening the door to locals and international fishermen to explore this Chilean territory full of endless and unspoiled landscapes that are free of human impact.

For more information on the wild fishing destinations of Chile and Patagonia contact Pesca Patagónica here or – 

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¨ I am amazed! I never thought of crossing the Magallanes Strait to get to know Tierra de Fuego. I loved the fishing and the landscapes of this place. Incredible!¨ 

– A Pesca Patagónica’s customer named Felipe after catching a salmon Chinook weighing 14,2 kg (31 lbs).

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