Rio de Janeiro is the place to visit if you love partying.  The city is host to festivals and shows that run almost every month of the year.  There are, however, some festivals in Rio de Janeiro that simply should not be missed, so if you are planning a holiday to the city, you are advised to plan it around one of the following:

The Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival has been celebrated all over Brazil for years, but Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival capital of the world.  There are roughly 500,000 foreign visitors who visit the Rio Carnival every year, and when all locals are included, it is easy to see why it is so spectacular.  The Rio Carnival lasts for four days, and it starts 40 days before Easter.  There are multi-million dollar floats lining the streets and beautifully dressed dancers parading through the streets.  These, along with much, much more, are what make this a festival that should not be missed.

Anima Mundi

The Anima Mundi is the animation festival of Rio de Janeiro.  It gets celebrated in order to teach, train, and entertain all who visit by the use of animation.  Members of the public get to take part by simply entering their own films.  At the end of the festival, awards are given out to winners covering several different categories.  This festival usually takes place from the 15th to the 24th of July.

The Chemical Music Festival

As the name suggests, this is the festival for all music lovers.  This is the biggest underground festival of its kind, with a backdrop of crystal clear water.  It can’t get much better than the Chemical Music Festival.  Every year, they have an amazing line-up of bands, including some very famous acts.

New Year Celebration

As you can expect from Rio de Janeiro, they throw an awesome New Year Celebration event.  Absolutely no other place can do better than what Rio does.  Each year, this festival alone attracts over two million people from all over the world.  Most people dress in white, as this has been a symbol of good luck for many years.  The fireworks start at midnight and last for almost half an hour, and it is all on the beautiful white beaches of the Copacabana.