Explore Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest and Jungles

When you were a youngster or maybe even as an adult, did you ever walk through the woods around your home and imagine you were deep in the Amazon on a jungle safari? The squirrels jumping in the trees above you turned into spider monkeys that swung from tree to tree howling at you from above. Sticks turned into snakes and slithered through the underbrush. The small stream turned into a rushing waterfall tumbling through the thick foliage. Branches cracked and the wet leaves rustled on the edge of the trail ahead of you. You paused attentively and waited to see what would emerge. Suddenly the elusive jaguar jumped onto the trail and stopped to stare at you before jumping back into the jungle, its fur glistening as it moved.

If you have ever let your imagination fly like this, then it may be time for you to quit dreaming and turn your neighborhood tommy cat into a real jaguar by booking a trip to see Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest.

Bolivia consists of the lushest rainforest and some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in South America. Lack of tourism publicity and low population density means that the National Parks remain untouched by humans in many areas. Bolivia provides low cost Rainforest adventures in areas with higher wildlife viewing opportunities and less human exploitation. Sounds like a true journey doesn’t it?

Bolivian tour company Nick’s Adventures Bolivia offer a variety of expeditions into some of the best locations in Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest. Come see rare wildlife, fish for piranhas, trek through the thick forest, view giant waterfalls, and surround yourself with pristine Rainforest.

Madidi National Park

Located in the Upper Amazon River Basin of Bolivia, this National Park is one of the most pristine and bio diverse natural locations in the world. Low human exploitation and strict wildlife protection means a higher abundance of wildlife and better viewing opportunities than the more popular, but highly exploited Peru and Brazil Amazon. Walk among Jaguars, Tapirs, Pumas, Giant Anteaters, the critically endangered Giant Otters, and hundreds of other mammal species. The rivers are filled with over 300 different fish species and the skies teem with flocks of over a thousand different bird species including the beautiful macaws.

Where to Stay on  Nick’s Adventures Bolivia tours-

Madidi Jungle Eco Lodge

Berraco Del Madidi Eco Lodge

Chalalan Luxury Amazon Rainforest Lodge


Amboro National Park

Located just a few hour drive from the city of Santa Cruz, this Park is perfect for nature and bird lovers, due to its diverse wildlife and hundreds of bird species. Surround yourself with incredible Rainforest scenery, waterfalls and rivers that flow through the jungle, and towering sandstone rock formations. With over 840 species of birds including Military Macaws, Harpy Eagles, Condors and more, birders will have an opportunity to record some of their top bucket list species in the wild. Ask about staying in the a beautiful colonial style lodge located right in the Park.


Noel Kempff Mercado National Park

Looking for an adventure in a Lost World? Once closed to the public the new era of controlled Eco-tourism has opened this pristine natural location for those wanting to explore one of the last known wilderness areas on this planet. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this lost paradise is home to many rare species of wildlife including Giant Otters, Harpy Eagles, Pink River Dolphins, Tapirs, Spider Monkeys and the elusive Jaguars which are frequently spotted on the riverbeds. The park on average only receives less than 50 tourists per year, which means you will absolutely be surrounded by nature in one of the best wildlife viewing locations known to man. Some of the top attractions of the Park include the 150km (31 mile) Huanchaca Plateau which rises from the thick jungle into high waterfall laden cliffs and the Arco Iris Waterfalls (Rainbow Falls) which tumble from a height of 88m (290 ft). Visit many more natural formations and amazing wildlife that make up this diverse landscape.


Chuchini Reserve

Located just 15 km from the city of Beni Department Trinidad, this hidden Reserve hosts the contrasting scenery of the Amazon Rainforest and Pampas Wetlands. The area provides many unique outdoor attractions. Trek into the Amazon Rainforest where you will learn about the variety of medicinal plants hidden in the undergrowth. Spend part of your nights spotlighting the nigh time life of the animal world like Caimans. Birders will have a chance to spot hundreds of species that reside in the area. Fish for the legendary piranha in the nearby rivers. And one of the biggest attractions to the Reserve is the chance to view the unique looking Pink River Dolphins on Amazon riverboat trips.


For more information on tours to Bolivia’s Amazon Rainforest Contact Nick’s Adventures Bolivia at – nicksadventuresbolivia@gmail.com or call +(591-3) 3 441820.

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