Climb Aconcagua – America’s Highest Peak

Aconcagua is one of the Seven Summits and is not only the tallest peak in the Americas, but the highest mountain in both the western and southern hemispheres. At 6961m, this behemoth is scattered with glaciers, the largest of which is a full 10 km long.  This natural wonder is called Ventisquero Horcones Inferior Glacier and is located near the Confluencia base camp.

Climbing Aconcagua is an achievable challenge for both the experienced mountaineer and the first-timer. As with all extreme adventure activities, it is important to go with guides that have an excellent reputation for both knowledge and safety. Aconcagua Mountain Guides is the premiere mountain guide company on Aconcagua. They have comfortable base camps set up at both Confluencia and Plaza Mulas.

Summiting Aconcagua can take 18 days, so the four day Plaza Francia trek with Aconcagua Mountain Guides is great way to get a taste of this remarkable mountain.  The trek ends at Plaza Francia which has spectacular views of the mythical South Face of Aconcagua. This is the most vertical face of the mountain, with glaciers and walls almost 3000m tall. During this trek, you will ascend 4000m above sea level and experience walking next to the Horcones Glacier. If you are lucky you may even see the snow falling through the south face of the mountain. The climb to Plaza Francia is a four day excursion that includes three days of trekking.

If you are worried about the dangers of altitude sickness there are medical professionals there at the base camp to check how you are acclimating to the altitude. Aconcagua Mountain Guides goes a step further than this, they provide portable oxygen tubes, emergency first aid kits, and digital oximeters. The guides are carefully trained to look out for altitude sickness symptoms or any health problems in the climbers.

The guides at Aconcagua Mountain Guides are extremely knowledgeable and have years of experience both on Aconcagua and climbing other mountains. The guides are helpful and accommodating of all climbers. They are patient and aware of each climber’s capabilities. Their service and experience is what sets Aconcagua Mountain Guides apart from other trekking companies.

Plaza Francia Itinerary-

The day before the excursion takes place you meet the group and your guide who checks your equipment and helps you get outfitted with anything else you may need. Then everyone goes as a group to obtain individual park passes.

The first day you take a shuttle to Penitentes on the way up the mountain you experience amazing views from the van. You will stay the night at a hotel located at 2000m so your body can start to acclimate. This hotel is  located fifteen minutes from Puente del Inca. While there you will enjoy three excellent meals which are included in the costs of the expedition.  At the hotel you will separate your equipment. You will carry your daily necessities in your day pack and the rest of your gear will be carried by mule to Confluencia. The group comes together to do a day hike around the hotel. This is where you really acclimatize and  get to know the terrain and your fellow trekkers.

Day two is when the fun really begins. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel the shuttle picks up the group and takes you to the park entrance where you begin the trek to Confluencia. You will experience amazing views of the Andes and a mountain called the Pyramid where an Inca child mummy was found. The hike begins at 2950m and ends at Confluencia base camp at 3400m with rest stops every hour for snacks, water, and to help combat altitude sickness.

Day 3 begins with breakfast at 8:30 followed by the trek.  Today’s trek follows along  Horcones Glacier.  The glacier is an amazing site and extends from the base of the snow 1000m down. After walking through glacial-cut ravines next to a glacial fed stream you approach the final walk to Plaza Francia. This part of the hike is like walking on another planet, red rock and barren plains  give rise the colorful Andes all around. This foreign landscape gives you a feeling like you are on Mars. Once you arrive at Plaza Francia you take in the incredible famed views of the south face of Aconcagua. After enjoying the views you hike back to Confluencia for dinner, a medical exam, and relaxation.

Day 4 is time for the descent. You’ll enjoy a lovely hike down the mountain to the park entrance full of wonder and a sense of accomplishment. At the park entrance the transfer shuttle takes you back to Mendoza to enter the world again. Aconcagua is a mystical mountain that holds you in its grip, you will want to return for more.

To book your trek to Plaza Francia or any of Aconcagua Mountain Guides’ other expeditions you can call +5492613022436 or email them at or checkout their website for more information.

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