Do you enjoy discovering cool new gadgets to feed your addiction to fishing? Are you usually the first of your buddies to discover innovative products for fishing fiends? If so, the following roundup of treats for outdoor enthusiasts might be just what you need to satisfy your craving for quirky fishing-related temptations.

Fish Eyes

The Fish Eyes rod lets you fish and view underwater action at the same time. Your bait can be luring hungry bass, trout, or salmon and you can watch all of the action from dry land. The underwater camera on your line transmits images to the viewing screen on your fishing rod. This cool tech gadget makes a great gift for those you want to introduce to the sport of fishing.


Self-Inflating Key Buoy

Offered by Shoreline, the Marine Self-Inflating Key Buoy is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are standing on the shore of a river or canoeing across a peaceful lake, this key tag will keep your keys protected should an unexpected dip in the water happen. This gadget looks like a normal key fob yet inflates when submerged in water. No more losing your keys overboard!


Fish Hook Ring

If you want to combine your love for fishing with your love for your spouse, the fish hook ring from Miansai might be to your liking. Resembling a decorative fishing hook, this gorgeous ring lets you show others you are married and shows off your fondness for the outdoors at the same time. This conversation piece is available in both gold and silver.


Barbecue Tools

Available via eBay, this handy set of barbecue tools features a metal spatula in the shape of a fish. You can spend time grilling and flip your burgers or steaks with your nautical-inspired spatula. If your family has a tough time finding gifts you actually enjoy, this set makes a great addition to a Christmas or birthday wish list.


Porta Bote

If you are a hard core fishing fan, the collapsible boat from Porta Bote might be to your liking. This handy vessel flattens so that you can attach it to the roof of your vehicle or transport it in the back of your pickup truck. If you want to get everyone talking at the fishing hole, you might want to consider ordering a Porta Bote for your next trip to the lake.


These are just a few of the cool items available to those with a love for lures, lines, and leisure time. From gadgets to jewellery, there are numerous quirky options available. Do you think you will be treating yourself to any of the above-listed items?