Jaguars & Big Mammal Adventure in Bolivia – Kaa Iya National Park

The land-locked country of Bolivia is one of the wildest countries in South America. One-third of the country consists of the Andean Mountains that tower high into the sky and slope down to the East turning into lush forests with some of the largest abundance of wildlife in the world. Enthusiast and conservationist flock to Bolivia for chances to view the unique and elusive species that reside here.

For those that would consider themselves a wildlife enthusiast or just want an authentic outdoor experience, they should seriously consider using Nick’s Adventures Bolivia. They offer professionally guided wildlife tours deep into the many of the country’s diverse ecosystems in search of some of the best viewing opportunities available. Their small-group size tours ensure that you will receive the most personal and optimal viewing experience available, making them one of the top recommended companies for experiencing Bolivia’s wild.


To see many of the country’s more unique species we would recommend the Bolivian Jaguar and Big Mammal tour that brings guests deep into the world famous Kaa Iya National Park.  Located southeast of Santa Cruz, in the semi-arid lowlands of Gran Chaco, it is the largest protected dry forest in the world and is completely managed and run by the local indigenous population.

Due to its remoteness, the Park provides the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Bolivia and tours are similar to the experience you would get on an African Wildlife Safari.  Walk through the dry forest teeming with Chacoan Titi Monkeys, while hundreds of bird species belt out their songs. Have your camera at the ready to photograph some of the rarest and most unique mammals on this planet including the Puma, Giant Anteater, Chacoan Peccary, Ocelot and Tapir.


But, the biggest goal of many that travel to the park is to view the elusive Bolivian Jaguar. Have a chance to see these large cats, in one of the ONLY two places in the world, where you will have a good chance of spotting them in the wild. Those that have been able to experience this amazing creature can account for its beauty and grace. There are around 1000 of these big cats roaming the park and the determined guides will work day and night to improve your chances of spotting them.


Trip highlights include-

  • Experienced and passionate wildlife guides
  • Satellite Phone for safety purposes.
  • Spotlighting Wildlife Drives in the early morning, evening and night time hours
  • Setting up and checking camera traps
  • Well-timed Bush Walks
  • Bird watching
  • Opportunities to photograph a Jesuit Mission
  • Minimal impact on the local environment
  • 3-5 day trip duration

Best Season for Travel –

May-Early December

Interested? For more information on wildlife tours of Kaa Iya National Park and other regions of Bolivia contact Nick’s Adventures Bolivia at – or +(591-3) 3 441820

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