Find the Best Birding Tours in Bolivia

If you are looking for the an introduction to birding in South America or just want to visit one of the best birding locations in world, then Bolivia is the place you must go. Due to the countries diverse ecosystems, which include the Amazon Rainforest, Chaco Dry Forests, Yunga Cloud Forests, Pampas Wetlands and more, beginners and experienced birders can find an array of species in abundance all in one country.

Some of the rarest endemic species on earth reside here including the Red Fronted Macaw, the Critically Endangered Blue Throated Macaw, Cock of the Rock, Guarcharo, Southern Helmeted Curassow and the magnificent Andean Condor. Current estimates place the number at around 1,414 different species that are found in Bolivia and that number is rising.


Nick’s Adventures Bolivia is a highly experienced tour company that brings guests into the stunningly beautiful habitats of Bolivia, for a chance to view some of the rarest bird species on this earth. Experienced birders, ornithologist and wildlife photographers will not be disappointed as they will have the rare chance to lay eyes on and study the most sought after species on their bucket list. Meanwhile beginners will have a chance to learn the ins and outs of birding practice and lingo from experienced birding guides at one of the best destinations for the hobby. Choose from single to multiday bird-watching adventures with expert guides that know and live bird-watching in these locations. Proceeds from the tours go to conservation efforts to help maintain and protect birds and other wildlife that reside in these habitats.

Recommended Tours-

Blue-Throated Macaw Day Tour or Blue-Throated Macaw Lodge Multi Day Package-


Choose a day visit to a private ranch to view the endemic and critically endangered Macaws.  It is estimated that there only 350 Blue Throated Macaws left in the wild, so this is a rare viewing experience to say the least. Although you can never be promised to spot them in the wild, this location is possibly the best place to do so. You will also visit Centro de Conservacion Paraba Barba Azul, where a dedicated staff of volunteers are helping to save this species from extinction. A second option is to travel to the remote Blue Throated Macaw Lodge that covers 11,530 acres of grasslands, cerrado savanna,  tropical hammock forests, and wetlands in Bolivia’s Beni region.


Red Fronted Macaw Reserve –  

This is a bird photographers paradise, as you will be surrounded by colorful flocks of Red Fronted Macaws where the largest population of this critically endangered species is still living in the wild. Located near to the Mizaque River and Valley the  Red Fronted Macaw Reserve strives to protect this species and promote eco-tourism efforts in the local area. Trekking in the Inter Andean Dry forests and swimming in the Mizaque River is also included.



Andean Condor Trek-

The endangered Andean Condor is the largest flying bird in the world. It is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and is truly a must-see bird if you are going to be in South America. Samaipata is most likely the best place to view these birds and it is not unusual to see 15-20 of huge condors per day. The best months for viewing are between the dry season of June to November.


lodgeSadiri Lodge –

Located in the Madidi National Park and the Indigenous Community of San José de Uchupiamonas the Sadiri Lodge offers bird-watchers one of the most diverse opportunities available. The 34,000 hectare reserve is home to over 400 bird species including Owls, Military Macaws,Tanganers and the endemic Yunga Tyrannulet.


scenery-importantEastern Bolivian Bird watching Tour-

The most popular bird-watching tour in Bolivia will bring you into some of the most diverse landscapes within the country for chances to view and record up to 500 unique bird species.  Highlights include  Lomas de Arena, Amboro National Park, Refugio Los Volcanes Lodge and the must-see Red Fronted Macaw Reserve.


Tours Include-

  • Comfortable & relaxing accommodation
  • Experienced & qualified bilingual bird watching guides
  • 4WD Transportation in spacious vehicles
  • Birding books for Bolivia
  • Delicious and nutritious meals during your visit

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