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We have plenty of camping tent models on the market. Are you getting one or and don’t know which to choose? In this article, you will find out if a big tent is appropriate for you and your outdoor needs.

There are a lot of differences between small and large tents. The size is one of them but they differ in other features as well. Read on to see if this type of shelter is what you need to spend a relaxed and satisfied vacation in nature.

Spacious and comfortable Tents

First, we will concentrate on the features of a large tent and then we will stress out the cons and pros.


Spacious and big tents are made with the consideration of campers having lots of space and comfort. Families and camper groups like to take these giants with them as they will feel like at home. These shelters offer rooms where you can sleep, cook, play and do activities.


If you think of an ordinary tent you have a picture of a tent with one room for sleeping in mind. However, when it comes to bigger tents there are more rooms to sleep in. Large tents have more rooms so campers can have their space and privacy. Some of them have dividers so kids can open them to reach their parents.

Tent manufacturers design these tents with a porch also. This room offers campers a space for relaxing and eating their meals. You can put the camping equipment there if you like.

Big windows

You should know that these tents are made to enjoy and to feel like home. They have big windows so you will have plenty of light inside the tent, the warmth and also a great view on nature.

The shape

Tents for more people come in different shapes. Their common feature is the height and a lot of space. You will see larger tents in a tunnel, cabin, multi-room, bell, and tipi shape. However, some of these don’t have multiple rooms so think of your needs before buying one.


As you already know tents are made for different seasons. 3-season tents are the most common but you also have a 4-season tent for all-year camping. Think when you will be camping. Will it be summer or winter camping?

3-season tents are lighter and cheaper than 4-season shelters. Camping in the winter time is more demanding so your tent should be waterproof, made of quality material, breathable, and sturdy.


• Spacious

• Comfortable

• Appropriate for families and groups

• Unlimited movement without bending

• Rooms for sleeping, eating and spending quality time

• Some come with a porch

Large tents are perfect for families and groups who want to spend the most comfortable vacation outdoors. Multiple rooms, height, large doors and windows offer the feeling like you are at home.

If a tent has a porch it is usually made of a mesh so you can enjoy it without any mosquitos or flies. A porch can serve you for cooking, eating, kids play and storing your items and equipment.


• Heavier than backpacking tents

• Harder and time-consuming set up (maybe you will need some extra hands to pitch it)

• More expensive than smaller tent types

• Not appropriate for campers who intend to move a lot

If we look at the cons we see that big tents are not appropriate for hikers, backpackers and weekend campers since these shelters are not easy to move and are heavy. A backpacker needs a small and light tent to carry on a backpack and also have space in there for other vital things as food and clothes.

Spacious tents can be hard to pitch since there are a lot of poles. If you will be camping with other campers then this shouldn’t be a problem as they can help you in this regard. Today, many tent poles are color-coded so it is easier to set the tent up. Take the time, follow the instructions and you should set it up without any difficulties.

The cost of tents varies but family tents are more expensive than other smaller ones since there is a lot of tent material and details.

Getting a spacious tent

If you find this type of tent interesting you should consider some things before getting it. Big tents are luxurious and offer comfort for campers. If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends then this shelter is what you need.

Planning and organization are crucial before going in the wild. Set up a meeting with the campers so each of you can contribute to the trip. Make sure that everyone will be happy and satisfied. This way you will have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation also with the help of a good tent.