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Owners - Evan McCaffrey & Melina Viteri Medranda

Owners - Evan McCaffrey & Melina Viteri Medranda

Evan and Melina are avid outdoor adventure junkies and world travelers who have a wealth of experience working in the tourism marketing and operations industry.

They currently live in Melina’s home country of Ecuador and regularly spend their time hiking, fishing, and camping in the Andes Mountains and chasing that next big adventure.

Evan who is originally from the United States grew up as a kid exploring the Appalachian mountains of his native Pennsylvania and West Virginia. You know the song “Country Boy Can Survive”? Well, that sums up where he grew up.

The travel bug caught him early and he has travelled to over 23 countries and lived in South Africa, Ireland, Ecuador, and across the US including a few months in a tent and cabin in the mountains of Montana.

His background is in tourism marketing and multimedia in which he has traveled around the world documenting travels for big name companies in Europe and South America.

Melina grew up on a farm, near the coast of Ecuador, until she was 8 yrs old when her family moved to Barcelona, Spain.

Her professional background is in the tourism operations and E-Commerce industry.

She spent her childhood traveling and camping around Europe. At the 21 she moved to Ireland where she later met Evan in a dark rock n roll pub in Dublin. And it was written in stone. After marrying they decided to move Ecuador, where they currently reside near Quito.