Peru is a fantastic country to visit regardless of what you typically expect from your vacation.    Rich in culture and offering some of the world’s most beautiful and varied landscapes and scenery, this fascinating country is an ideal location for people who want a little adventure in their lives and are willing to try new things.    Situated on the western coast of South America, Peru offers an abundance of choice in every aspect of your vacation, from how you travel around to the cuisine that you sample during your stay.    Here is an overview of just a few of the things that you can look forward to in a visit to Peru.   

On arrival, it is likely that your first experience of Peru will be in the cosmopolitan city of Lima as there is an international airport situated there.    Lima is the capital city of the country and is also the largest city in Peru.    Lima offers pre-Columbian temples, historic churches, museums, lively night life, spectacular local cuisine and a fantastic shopping experience.    This is a wonderful city to begin your journey of exploration in Peru and the surrounding area also has a lot to offer.    A short trip along the coast will take you to the world’s driest desert. And the wildlife reserves of the Ballestas Islands   

The Peruvian Andes are an absolute must.    Not only are they one of the most famous landscape features in Peru, if not the world, they are home to a vast range of plant and animal species that cohabit alongside many human communities.    There are also many stone ruins that have been hidden away for centuries that have only in recent years come to light for visitors to the country.    This makes the Andes an essential part of a vacation in Peru for trekkers, historians  and nature lovers alike.    This is a place like no other with a combination of lush forests, volcanic rock, high altitude lakes, grasslands and deserts; some of the most mixed and unusual landscape you will ever come across.   

There is yet more for trekkers to enjoy in this astonishing country.    No trip to Peru would be complete without completing the Inca Trail.    Despite the collapse of the Incan Empire after European Colonization, the history of the Incas and the remaining communities are still there to be seen.    The Inca Trail will take you to see the historic ruins of Machu Picchu, also known as the Lost City of Peru, which is set high in the Andean Valley in the Incan capital, Cuzco.    You can also visit the Sacred Valley where you can wonder at the ancient Inca sites.   

A trip to the world’s highest navigable lake is another necessity during your trip.    Lake Titicaca sits at 3820 metres above sea level.    The best way to view the lake is by boat.    During your visit to the lake you can also visit Taquile Island and Islas Flotantes, the latter of which is built entirely on floating reed.    Where else would you come across such a sight?    Cruising across the lake will be one of your most relaxing endeavours while visiting Peru and is a great opportunity to take in the surrounding views and is a really special place to visit for lovers of birdlife.  It is also possible to cross Lake Titicaca in a catamaran and visit the neighbouring country of Bolivia.   

Still not seen enough?    Then visit the Amazon Jungle.    Peru has the second largest portion of the Amazon rainforest of all the countries it covers, the Brazilian Amazon is the largest part.    The Amazon constitutes 60% of Peru and is an area of huge biodiversity, making it a fascinating place to visit.    Despite covering such a vast area of Peru, only 5% of the total population inhabit this region, meaning that it is largely untouched by mankind.    It is here that you will see wildlife that can be found in no other area of the world.    He more adventurous may wish to participate in some of the more energetic activities that the natural features of the Amazon rainforest provide, such as canoeing, while thrill seekers may wish to face the dangers posed by piranha fishing.     

Whatever your activity preferences are, the   diversity of the landscape, the culture and the people of Peru ensures that there is something for everybody.    Whether this be taking in the historical ruins, trekking over mixed terrains, sampling the local cuisine or discovering the wildlife, Peru is a country that will cater for all tastes and can fulfill people’s ambitions and dreams.