5 Essential Survival Gear Items for Every Outdoor Adventure

Ok, so your one of the brave souls that wants to jump into the wild of South America. Whether you’re embarking on an adventure into uncharted territory or just on a day hike away from civilization, there are essential items that you should always have with you no matter where or what you are doing in the wild. We at South American Outdoors have listed the five survival gear items that every outdoor junkie should bring with them.

Water Container –water First lets start with the basics. No matter if your ice-hiking in Patagonia or braving the heat of the Atacama Desert on Peru, dehydration is a risk to your life. So unless you want to Bear Grylls it and start refreshing yourself with your own urine, than we recommend bringing a light-weight and durable water container with a sufficient amount of H2O for your journey. Find outdoor water containers HERE.



Food – Lets say you are on a wildlife drive deep into Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Suddenly, boom your tire starts flopping on the ground and the jeep comes to a halt. You check the back trunk and there’s no spare tire. You are a 3-Days walk from any civilization with no cellphone service. So guess what…time to start walking. Better hope you brought food. For day trips we recommend bringing fresh food with you, but we always recommend having a back-up ration of food that can be stored for the long-term or for emergencies. Fresh food can spoil quickly and eating it could run the risk of becoming ill at the worst moment. Find many options for emergency rations or long-term storage HERE.

Fire-starter – matchesToday we have gas and electric heaters in almost every home of developed countries. How many people out there still know how to start fire from scratch? That being said one of the most essential items, when things don’t go as planned, is the availability of fire. Whether it be for warmth, to cook food, or to signal rescue, making a fire is one of the first tasks you should go about working on after shelter. Unless you have studied and practiced making fires with two sticks and kindling, we recommend being practical and bringing a fire starter with your other gear. Find your fire starter options HERE.

compassMap & Compass – This one is common sense, but is many times overlooked. With all our use of GPS on our phones and in our cars, the average person is losing the ability to use a map and compass. But please do learn if you are planning on going into the wild. Search parties cost time and money. In addition, you can avoid the embarrassment of the missing hiker news reports and facing the 100 man strong rescue team. Find all your navigation gear HERE.


first-aidFirst-Aid Kit – Lets say your going for a day hike up one of Ecuador’s many volcanoes. As you climb up a steep incline, suddenly the rock below you slips and tumbles down the mountain as you quickly follow tumbling over and over. You finally come to a rest. A sharp pain comes from you leg where you see blood gushing into your paints. You have to stop the bleeding quick or you’ll soon be too weak to walk off the mountain. Luckily, you were smart enough to bring a first aid kit with a clotting sponge to stop the bleeding and bandages to cover your wound until you can get to a hospital. If you didn’t have a first aid kit, the situation could have gone a lot worse. So, take it from us. Stay alive, always bring a first-aid kit. Find all your First-aid essentials HERE.

Other items we recommend you bring –