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Is traveling alone safe for women? – — A highly frequent question one may come across

Yes, it indeed is, provided that you plan your travel in a way that along with giving you one of the most fascinating experiences of your life prioritizes safety. To get a sneak-peek into the same, check out these inevitable safety tips that will aid you in heading for your much-awaited solo trip with confidence and courage all over again.

1. Be well versed with the surroundings

Before you finalize your upcoming travel destination, indulge into thorough research, dive deep into the culture therein, get to know about the customs and laws governing, check out neighboring places and all that you need to in advance. This will make you familiar with the place you intend to visit and assist in planning likewise.

2. Arrange well for the D-day

Your preparedness will always keep you a step ahead. Being in a completely naïve place can get really tough if you haven’t booked accommodation and transport beforehand. Draft a comprehensive travel plan, locate the need at specific times and book accordingly. Carry water and gas packs (if traveling by road) in Rotopax to avoid last minute hassle, finalize your hotel bookings, check cab availability and a lot more before initiating your journey.

3. Say yes to Travel Insurance

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Uncertainty can hit you anytime but relax as travel insurance cover will reimburse your losses most of the time. Whether you get robbed or stuck in some national constraints, this will definitely be a savior in the worst of your times. There are numerous plans available online, go through all and stick to the ones that perfectly resonates with your expectations.

Investing in travel insurance is inevitable, you will surely thank yourself later!

4. Limit your drinking desires

Drinking is fun, but if overdone it can turn into a highly risky affair. And especially when you are traveling alone in a new space, it can cost you everything. Avoid consuming alcohol as much as you can, switch to other available options and keep yourself hydrated.

5. Carry your Valuables with you

Avoid keeping things of value with regular luggage that often gets on board in transit. Use a separate handbag that is spacious as well as portable. By doing this, you can keep an eye on them and lower the risk of damage to a great extent. Also, when you are off to explore, carry a few essentials with you and leave the rest at your accommodation.

6. Blend as much as you can

Though you cannot be 100% successful in wandering like a local, if you try, it is going to benefit for sure. Blending in the culture reduces the chance of getting robbed. Everything will be new to you, but for getting a safer experience pretend that it is not. Robbers target tourists first, so the quick tip to safeguard yourself is to not give them an indication that you are one.

7. Prepare for the deadliest times

What if you lose your luggage or run out of funds? While traveling alone, having a backup plan is extremely essential. Hide some money deep down in your bag with an extra credit card. Secure passport copies and contact information of your loved ones for combating the most unwanted experiences in the smartest manner possible.

8. Invest more in safety

Safety has to be your topmost priority. Even if you need to spend more to stay safe, do that. When traveling by road, prioritize using the sturdy roof rack to ensure your luggage is in place, book a cab if walking alone can turn risky or an accommodation that offers pickup services, opt for insurance that provides added benefits etc.

9. Gut over guidelines

Doesn’t matter how many travel guidelines you come across, trusting your gut feeling is above all. At times you encounter a situation that is wholly unexpected, your gut feeling serves no less than a blessing in this time of need. Being friendly with people is amazing but if your instincts sense certain trust issues or trigger a sense of danger, back off instantly. After all, this is exactly how your own gut keeps a check on your safety.

10. Get a travel companion

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Traveling alone can turn quite daunting and boring at times and for certain places unsafe too. The best way to tackle this situation is to join hands with a local tourist guide or agency that will accompany you in exploring the arena in a better and safer way. You can also be friends with an organized group of trusted travelers if desirable.


Once you had a read of these super savior traveling tips for women, it’s high time to get the ball rolling and get your eyes on the next grand adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning well in advance and do keep these tips in your head when you are out for your next tour.

Have a cheerful and safe journey ahead!